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Hiroshima, Japan, Landslides Kill At Least 18; Children, Rescuer Among The Dead

August 19, 2014

The death toll is rising after several landslides in Hiroshima, Japan, reportedly buried several people alive.

Phoenix Flooding: Interstate 17 Reopens; Vehicles Stranded, Residents Rescued from Homes

By Jon Erdman and Linda Lam
August 19, 2014

Heavy rain swamped busy highways and normally dry washes in the Greater Phoenix area Tuesday.

Tropical Storm Lowell: Eastern Pacific Cyclone May Enhance Monsoon Rains in Southwest

August 19, 2014

Tropical Storm Lowell may eventually enhance monsoon rainfall in the Southwest.

Heat Wave Ahead For Midwest, East?

By By Linda Lam
August 19, 2014

There has been a lack of heat waves in the East this summer, but a pattern change may be on the way.

Some Evacuations Lifted in Madera County, California, as Junction Fire Burns Near Oakhurst

August 19, 2014

Get the latest on the wildfire that is threatening thousands of homes in California.

Who Owns the Ocean Floor?

By By Michele Berger
August 19, 2014

The ocean floor teems with metal: copper and nickel, cobalt and silver, even gold. Many consider it the next frontier in mining. But how can we = both explore deep-sea resources and care for the ecosystems that house them?

Ohio River Reopened After Fuel Spill

August 19, 2014

The Ohio River is reopened to traffic after a fuel spill that dumped nearly 5,000 gallons of oil into the river.

8-Year-Old Girl, Zahra Allahyari of Poway, California, Falls to Her Death While Hiking in Yellowstone National Park

August 19, 2014

Zahra Allahyari of Poway, California, was hiking Sunday morning when she fell down the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Taiwan's Daan River Gorge, Created By a 1999 Earthquake, Is Vanishing

By By Sean Breslin
August 19, 2014

A canyon in Taiwan, formed in 1999 by an earthquake, is fading away.

Veteran Rock Climber Brad Parker, 36, Dies Hours After Proposing at Yosemite National Park

August 19, 2014

Brad Parker, 36, who was a veteran climber, fell to his death at Yosemite National Park on Saturday, just hours after proposing to his girlfriend.

Iceland's Bardabunga Volcano Might Erupt, and That Could Cripple Europe's Airlines

By By Sean Breslin
August 19, 2014

Seismologists are worried this volcano is about to blow, which could create major travel problems.

The Weather Channel Takes on Android: Get the App

August 19, 2014

A new The Weather Channel App for Android is for true weather enthusiasts who want a full view of the weather with the expertise, technology and scale of The Weather Channel.

Astronauts Complete Five-Hour Spacewalk Outside International Space Station

August 19, 2014

Two Russian astronauts ventured outside the International Space Station on Monday.

Arctic Sea Ice Could Shrink Even More, And Here's Why

By Brian Kahn
August 19, 2014

In the latest sign of more changes afoot, waves are swelling to heights never before seen in the Arctic Ocean a shift thats tied to the loss of sea ice and could further exacerbate it.

California Wildfire in Angeles National Forest Forces Evacuations

By By Sean Breslin
August 19, 2014

Here's what we know about a wildfire in southern California that has forced evacuations.

Harvard Unleashes Swarm of Robots

August 19, 2014

Harvard University scientists have devised a swarm of 1,024 tiny robots that can work together without any assistance from humans.

Spider Photobombs BBC News Anchor Graham Stewart

August 19, 2014

A giant spider decided to make a cameo appearance behind BBC News Anchor Graham Stewart last week during a morning show.

July 2014 Is Earth's Fourth Hottest July on Record: NOAA

August 19, 2014

In more than 130 years of recorded weather history, July 2014 was one of the globe's hottest Julys.

Tropical Update: Karina, Lowell, and a Struggling Atlantic

August 19, 2014

The latest expert analysis on the hurricane season from our hurricane experts.

Flooding in Nepal, India Kills At Least 180

By Associated Press
August 18, 2014

At least 180 people have died and more than 100 others are missing after three days of monsoon rains in western Nepal and northern India set off landslides that swept away houses.

Featured Blogs

July 2014 Global Weather Extremes Summary

By Christopher C. Burt
August 19, 2014

July was the 4th warmest such since 1880 according to NOAA and the 11th warmest according to NASA data (the difference in assessments is due to several factors which I’ll discuss in a future blog). It was unusually cool in the central portion of the U.S. while record warmth was observed in parts of the U.S. Northwest, Scandinavia and the Baltic nations. Several powerful typhoons made landfall in East Asia and Hurricane Arthur took a swipe at North Carolina.

96L Approaching Lesser Antilles a Threat to Develop

By Dr. Jeff Masters
August 19, 2014

A tropical wave located in the Central Atlantic near 10°N 50.5°W, about 800 miles east of the Lesser Antilles Islands, was designated Invest 96L by NHC on Tuesday afternoon, and is headed westwards to west-northwestwards at about 10 - 15 mph. Two of our three reliable models for predicting tropical cyclone genesis, the UKMET and GFS models, predicted that 96L would develop into a tropical storm after passing through the Lesser Antilles. When both of these models show development, the odds increase that development will occur.

Live Blog: Tracking Hurricane Arthur as it Approaches North Carolina Coast

By Shaun Tanner
July 3, 2014

This is a live blog set up to provide the latest coverage on Hurricane Arthur as it threatens the North Carolina Coast. Check back often to see what the latest is with Arthur. The most recent updates are at the top.

Tropical Terminology

By Stu Ostro
June 30, 2014

Here is some basic, fundamental terminology related to tropical cyclones. Rather than a comprehensive and/or technical glossary, this represents the essence of the meaning & importance of some key, frequently used terms.

2013-14 - An Interesting Winter From A to Z

By Tom Niziol
May 15, 2014

It was a very interesting winter across a good part of the nation from the Rockies through the Plains to the Northeast. Let's break down the most significant winter storms on a month by month basis.

What the 5th IPCC Assessment Doesn't Include

September 27, 2013

Melting permafrost has the potential to release an additional 1.5 trillion tons of carbon into the atmosphere, and could increase our global average temperature by 1.5°F in addition to our day-to-day human emissions. However, this effect is not included in the IPCC report issued Friday morning, which means the estimates of how Earth's climate will change are likely on the conservative side.